Student Papers

AMTA​ 2020​ will​ award​ at​ least​ three​ (3)​ Best​ Student​ Paper​ Awards.​ Each​ student​ award​ recipient​ will receive​ a $500​ USD​ cash​ award,​ a complimentary​ registration​ at​ AMTA​ 2021,​ and​ a one​ (1)​ year​ AMTA membership,​ active​ through​ December​ 31,​ 2021.

Award​ recipients​ are​ required​ to​ present​ their​ papers​ at​ the​ AMTA​ 2020 Symposium.​ Student​ paper guidelines​ will​ be​ sent​ upon​ acceptance​ of​ the​ abstract.​ Authors​ are​ asked​ to​ mark​ their​ abstract​ as “Student​ Paper”​ when​ submitting the abstract.

If you have any questions, please contact:
The AMTA Technical Coordinator C. J. Reddy,